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Privacy Impact Assessment Questionnaire

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Will the project change the way individuals interact with the entity, such as through more frequent identity checks, costs, or impacts on individuals or groups who do not have identity documents?

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For each use of personal information, ensure that all parties involved in the project, for example, your institution, partners and other third parties, use personal information only with the authority to do so.

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Where applicable, is there a procedure, automatically or at the request of an individual, to provide notices of correction to third parties to whom personal information has been previously disclosed?

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However, based on previous track record, the organisation does not expect a high level of rights requests and is confident that it can deal with such requests as they come in using existing processes and resources.

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Review component PIAs for accuracy, consistency and compliance; coordinatingwith the Cyber Risk Advisor to identify any outstanding privacy risks prior to submission to the CMS SOP.


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This allows organisations to consult the right people at the right time and avoid having to spend more time and resources on a separate exercise.

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